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26 October 2023 - 27 October 2023
Prague, Czech Republic
EMOS Workshop 2023

The 9th EMOS workshop will take place on 26 and 27 October 2023 on the premises of the Prague University of Economics and Business in Prague, Czech Republic, bringing together representatives of EMOS-labelled master’s programmes and of organisations producing official statistics, EMOS Board members, EMOS students and graduates, European Central Bank and national central banks, international organisations and Eurostat. With a deliberate structure aimed at nurturing effective collaboration, this workshop aims to harness the richness of diverse perspectives in shaping the future of EMOS.

Thursday, 26 October 2023

On the first day of the workshop, Thursday, 26 October, participants will gather to gain insights into the latest developments shaping European statistics and to explore relevant activities in the higher education sphere at the European level. After this, two key topics – internships and employability of EMOS students and collaboration and cohesion in the EMOS network – will be explored from a range of different perspectives in panel discussions. The programme will be concluded at 17:30 and followed by a social dinner.

Friday, 27 October 2023

The second day of the workshop, Friday, 27 October, will be organised by the contracted study team responsible for assessing the future of EMOS. This day's program is designed to foster interactive group work, facilitating in-depth discussions and the collaborative generation of ideas, culminating in a plenary session.

The main objective of Day 2 is to co-create viable options for the future development of EMOS alongside its key stakeholders. Through group work, participants will actively engage in brainstorming and idea-sharing sessions. The focus will be on identifying potential barriers and challenges that may arise during the implementation of these proposed solutions.

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Location Prague University of Economics and Business, Italska Budova, W. Churchill sq. 4, Prague 3
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